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The Top Mistakes Revealed

Most people fail miserably at SEO. And that is really unfortunate. But it does not have to be that way.

What if I told you I could break down exactly what the most common problems are, and how to fix them — easily? Would you be interested?

I see literally hundreds of campaigns and sites each week. I’m consulting with SEOs running campaigns from $30-$60k+ a month, so I’ve seen almost everything.

I want to give you a clear picture of exactly what to do, so you can avoid all the mistakes that everyone else is making (including your competition).

I’m going to give you a battle plan of how to ramp up your seo efforts and see remarkable results…

(It’s easier than you might think)

Would you like me to break it down for you?

OK, let’s get into it.


Why Most People Fail At SEO

It’s usually a combination of more than one reason why people fail.

Here are the most common mistakes I’m seeing every day:

1. Keyword research is done incorrectly

I’m seeing people pick out keywords in a haphazard way, target these poorly chosen keywords and then their search traffic doesn’t actually go up. (They didn’t understand search volume correctly.)

Sometimes they get some traffic, but they don’t get sales. (They didn’t understand keyword intent.) Poorly targeted traffic will not increase conversions and hence sales.

Sometimes they have a good keyword, but it won’t budge (They didn’t do competitor analysis right.)

2. They mess up their on-site optimization

On-site advice has changed over the years.

If you haven’t kept up with the times, you might find yourself penalized.

And only an experienced seo specialist can get you out of a penalty. Sometimes they mess up their title tags (not optimizing properly.)

Sometimes their content isn’t on point (missing the 3 key elements.)

Sometimes they just have glaring holes that could be fixed with a few tweaks (a trained eye could spot these quickly.)

All these issues hold them back, no matter how many links they throw at it.

3. They build links like a drunk person

Sometimes they just don’t see movement (they didn’t build in the right order).

Sometimes they experience unexpected drops or fluctuations (they don’t know why).

Now you need a strategy, a process, a right way to “signal” to Google that your site is real in a natural way and you don’t get hit by penalties.

4. They throw in the towel before they hit their target link volume

I see people who really struggle to gain momentum and this includes seo experts (They don’t know how to calculate what they need.)

Most campaigns vastly underestimate the links they will need to compete (and the enormous value they could get if they just got over that hump!)

5. They don’t understand ROI

People don’t know how to calculate how much they should spend on SEO.

This scares them because they want immediate ROI.

Smart people want ROI over time and are willing to be patient (these are the people that succeed).

They understand they are building an asset that will produce for months and years to come.

Now you know the biggest reasons why most people fail at SEO.

 February 13th, 2016  
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